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Dr. Chandresh Sharma

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Orthopedic Doctor in Ahmedabad

Many people do not know what a joint replacement surgery is. This surgery is done by replacing a damaged joint with a new one. Where two or more bones join each other, they are joined through a joint. That’s the easiest definition of a joint. Examples of joints are hip, shoulder, knee, etc. Orthopedic surgeons are responsible for doing such surgeries. A large number of patients from across India visit Lifeline Multispecialty Hospital for their Joint Replacement Surgeries. There are numerous Joint Replacement Hospitals in Ahmedabad, but the accuracy of treatment and the ratio of maximum successful surgeries; are all together responsible behind patient’s trust on Lifeline Hospital. Knee replacement is also a type of joint replacement. Knee replacement is sometimes also known as arthoplasty. Arthoplasty is a surgery, which is done for resurfacing the knee which is damaged by arthritis.

During the joint replacement surgery, the metal and plastic parts are used. The bones that form knee joints are capped by these metal and plastic parts. A kneecap is also capped along with these parts. Those who suffer from severe arthritis or a severe knee injury, knee replacement surgeries are a god gift for such patients. When the knee replacement surgery begins, it typically takes around 70 to 100 minutes depending on complications involved. The overall duration is around 120 minutes which includes the time when a patient is brought to operating room, then anesthesia is given, then the surgical procedure is done and finally the patient is brought back to his bed. Best Orthopedic Doctor in Ahmedabad work at Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital. They have a track record of several Joint Replacement in Ahmedabad. Lifeline is considered as one of the Best Knee Replacement Centre in Ahmedabad.

Orthopedic Surgeon in Ahmedabad

Our organization only employs the best talent from the health care industry. We retain the Best Joint Replacement Specialist in Ahmedabad. Our employees are selected after rigorous rounds of tests and several interviews. There are many other hospitals for Joint Replacement Surgery in Gujarat, but trust of patients on our hospital never went down. The reason is simple! We have the best talents across the entire health care industry. Secondly, we deliver quality treatment at most affordable cost. So, the middle class and lower class; all kinds of people are able to get the medical facilities at reasonable price. Thirdly, we have several amenities, more than sufficient facilities and latest infrastructure. Fourthly, at Lifeline the team of medical professionals takes extensive care of patients. We never let the patients feel pain as far as possible for our specialists.

The Joint Replacement Doctors in Ahmedabad keep visiting the seminars and conferences at our hospital. Whenever required many Joint Replacement Surgeons in Ahmedabad also visit Lifeline Hospital for attending some important meeting or some important operation. That’s the reason why Best Orthopaedic Surgery in Gujarat is available only at Lifeline Multi Specialty Hospitals. A Joint Replacement Surgery increases the mobility of the patient and reduces the pain. This is the largest benefit of going ahead with joint replacement option. During the surgery, Orthopedic Doctor in Ahmedabad removes the damaged portion of the affected joint. It’s then replaced with metal implants or plastic implants. Since the cartilage with disease as well as the damaged bone is removed, there is no more chance of pain. Relief from pain is thus the largest advantage of Joint Replacement at Lifeline Multispeciality Hospital.