Dr. Akash Joshi

MD (Medicine)

If you are suffering from severe disease(s) and looking for a Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad, then it’s advised to visit Lifeline Multispecialty Hospitals. This hospital is one of the Best Multispeciality Hospitals in Gujarat. Some people are unaware the difference between various different types of hospitals. Single Specialty Hospital is one which treats a specific type of disease only. Secondly in a single specialty hospital, the specialist doctor is also skilled to treat only a specific part of body. For Example: A heart hospital treats only those patients who are suffering from heart related diseases. The doctor responsible for treating the patients suffering from heart related problems is generally known as cardiologist. In such hospital(s) only a cardiologist is on work. Similarly, an orthopedic hospital treats only those patients who are suffering from spine or bone related problem. Compared to single specialty hospitals, a Multispeciality Hospital in Ahmedabad employs the doctors and specialists from all branches of the medical field. So, the Multi Speciality Hospitals in Ahmedabad are able to treat various different diseases; all under single roof. Apart from these, there is more than sufficient infrastructure, facilities, amenities and latest technologies at the Multi Speciality Hospitals in Ahmedabad. These are the largest Advantages of Multispeciality Hospitals in Gujarat. All the junior and senior doctors along with specialists and surgeons from various different branches of medical science join hands together at the Multi-Specialty Hospital in Ahmedabad. This is also known as Multi-Speciality Group Practice in the medical language. Most of the Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Gujarat can be located in Ahmedabad City of Gujarat State in India. Best diagnostics along with improved and latest therapy methods help the patients to recover soon. This is an additional benefit of the multi specialty hospitals. Most sophisticated equipments and state of the art technologies are used at Lifeline Multi-Specialty Hospitals in Gujarat. Best medicines of branded companies, and strict rules and regulations are the first priority of Lifeline Multi-Speciality Hospital in Gujarat. That’s the reason, why this particular hospital of Gujarat is highly popular. The goal of developing a Multispeciality Hospital is one where all of the following points can be implemented simultaneously:

1.Creating an environment for the physicians of various different medical branches; so that they can all work under a mutual collaboration with each other, under a single roof. 2.Giving treatment to multiple patients suffering from various different types of diseases, all under single roof. 3.The patient suffering from pain does not require moving outside the hospital for various tests such as x-ray, computed tomography (CT scan), sonography, etc. All the facilities and infrastructure are almost found within the multi-specialty hospital. This is one of the largest benefits of Multi-Speciality Hospital in Ahmedabad.

A multispecialty hospital specializes in almost everything, whereas a single specialty hospital specializes only in few medical branches. As explained in the example above, a heart hospital would specialize in only heart related issue. Their doctors and specialists are all educated only in heart related diseases. If you are suffering from diabetes or neurological problem, then you won’t get any help from a cardiac surgeon of this hospital. Hope this clarifies the difference, benefits and advantages.