Dr. Harsh Oza

MD (Phychiatry)

Dr.Harsh Oza

MD (Phychiatry)
  • Experience :

    B.J.MedicalCollege&CivilHospital,Ahmedabad 20 13-2016 ResidentDoctor

  • Education :

    M.D. Psychiatry 2013-2016

    B. J. Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad University 1st - Gold Medalist

  • Achievement :

    Won "IPS Nagpur Branch and Dr I K Mujawar Best Poster Award" for poster titled “Comparison of Burden Experienced by Caregivers of Patients with Schizophrenia and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”at ACIPSWZB-2015.

    Runner up "Dr K C Dube Best Poster Award" at ANCIPS-2016. Runner up “Dr R C Maniar Best Paper Award”at IPSGSB-2016.

    Publication of original research article titled "Knowledge and Attitude Towards Alcoholism Among Nursing Students : An Interventional Study" in "International Journal of Scientific Research" July-2015.

  • Internship 2011-2012 :

    B. J. Medical College & Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad MBBS 2006-2011

    Kesar SAL Medical College & Research Institute Passed every exam at First AHttempt with First Class

  • Areas Of Interest :

    Mood disorders


    Stress management

    Child Psychiatry