24x7 emergency services available.

All kind of accidental and trauma(fresh & old) cases will be handled.

Joint Replacement Surgeries by a team of trained and eminent surgeons.

Arthroscopic Surgeries for the knee and shoulder injuries.

Spine disorders & deformities and Disc prolapsed cases handled together with a team of efficient neurosurgeons

Congenital deformities and complicated pediatric orthopedic cases addressed by attached pediatric orthopedic surgeons.

There are various different types of treatment methods in the orthopedic branch of medical science. Along with the treatment methods, the facilities also affect the patients in several manners. Orthopedic Hospitals in Ahmedabad are the highly developed health care facilities for spine and bone related treatments. Top Orthopedic Surgeons in Gujarat who have work experience of teaching at the reputed and branded Institute of Orthopedics in Ahmedabad; are now a part of Lifeline Multispecialty Hospitals. Lifeline is one of reputed and branded hospitals where all kinds of ortho treatments are undertaken carefully. This hospital is located in the Ahmedabad City of Gujarat State in India. Just Dial Orthopaedic Hospitals in Ahmedabad and get rid of all your problems related to spine, joint replacement, bone fractures, knee replacements, etc. Some of the most popular services and facilities available at Lifeline Multispecialty Hospitals are Research Laboratory for Biomechanics, Transplantation of Cartilage, Surgery of Ankle and Foot, Surgery of Upper Extremity and Hands, Surgery of Spine and Spinal Cord, Joint Replacement of Various Parts of Body, Surgery of Hip through Minimal Invasions, Oncology and Musculoskeletal Treatments, Trauma Treatment and Accidental Injuries, Arthroscopic Surgery and Pediatric Surgery.

There is no Joint Replacement Hospitals in Ahmedabad which delivers so many services all under a same roof and that too at a very affordable price. This is considered and rated as the Best Multispecialty Hospitals in Ahmedabad by the earlier patients. The Knee Replacement Hospitals in Gujarat charges a lot of money which ordinary middle class person is unable to afford. But at Lifeline Orthopaedic Multispecialty Hospitals in Gujarat, you will never face too much difficulties as far as it concerns to your budget range and affordability. This hospital has gained numerous awards for being the Top Spine Multispecialty Hospitals in Gujarat. Lifeline is a group of highly specialized and skilled physicians from across the country. They employ only the Best Orthopedic Doctors in Gujarat which have an excellent success ratio of treating the patients. After several rigorous tests and interviews, only those orthopedists that have multiple years of experience and specialization in their field are selected at Lifeline. It’s about relieving the patient from pain, and that’s the core value at Lifeline, which is mandatory for every medical staff to follow. The medical professionals working at junior level to assist the senior specialists are also trained in a professional manner. This will help the medical professionals at Lifeline to further serve the citizens of India. These are some of the reasons why a large number of people from across the nation visit this center for orthopedic treatments.

The hospital contains its own research center and laboratory, which is very advanced and equipped with latest state of the art technologies. This Biomechanics Research Lab very accurately identifies the treatment required for a patient. Throughout the nation, this is only one of its kind facilities available only at Lifeline Multispecialty Hospitals. There are various types of orthopedic conditions such as arthritic conditions, spine conditions, back conditions, degenerative shoulder conditions, degenerative knee conditions, degenerative hip conditions, and much more. During all of these conditions, a high quality care is required from the orthopedic experts. Every condition needs to be addressed in a different manner.