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Lifeline multispeciality hospital is one of the pioneers for the joint replacement hospital in Ahmedabad. Joint replacement surgery is a joint arthroplasty is performed most frequently to replace hip joints; knee joint where the it is involves the complete the removal of the damaged joint and which is replaced with an artificial prosthesis.

Who gets Joint Replacement?
According to the joint replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad says for years joint replacement is associated with the very elder ones as the early age is 40 and 50 are choosing the joint replacement.

How you to know it’s time for Joint replacement
• The people have tries pain relievers, physical therapy, and weight loss.
• Is your pain getting worse over time
• Stopped regular activities which you love so much
• To perform daily function like getting dressed , climbing stairs or driving
• Pain at night or wake you from sleep
• Has your doctor recommended you for joint replacement?

Before the surgery
As the joint replacement start you will have to do the pre testing x-ray, lab work, and respiratory therapy if needed.

Surgery procedure
Joint replacement surgery take a few 2 hours if the complication is there then it will take 5 to 6 hours for the surgery. The surgery is done by giving the general anesthesia so you go to sleep. As the joint replacement surgeon in the Ahmedabad do the surgery where the damage cartilage and bone is removed from the joint and replaced with the component made of the metal, plastic or ceramic and shape them for the movement of the natural joint. And after the surgery is completed you will under the supervision of the surgeon.

After the surgery completed you have to stay to hospital for 3 to 4 days and its highly depend upon the complexity of the operation. And some more damaged is found during the surgery then that tissue is removed that is checked in the laboratory that tumor cell is found or not. There are many joint replacement centers in Ahmedabad which is not using the traditional way.

After the surgery you will find your joint like
• Stiffness
• less range in motion
• Swelling
• A difference in shape

What happens after surgery?
After the surgery in the knee or hip surgery you will often stand or begin the day of the surgery. After the first you have to walk with the walker or crutches. You will get little pain in the new joint because your muscles are weak from not being used. You will give the medicine for the few weeks. Physical therapy can begin in the day after surgery for healthy of your muscles. And before you leave the hospital your therapists show you how to pulley device to help bend and extend your arm.

Risk of joint replacement
There are various complication may arise during the joint replacement is
• Blood clots
• Nerve injury
• Loosening
• Dislocation
• Infection

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