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Lifeline multispecialty Hospital is one of the pioneer and name for excellence for the hip replacement hospital in Ahmedabad. There are many surgeons in the Lifeline hospital which has evolved over the years into to a reliable and effective way to relieve pain and allow patient to resume their active lives. Handling the difficult situation most effectively is our duty and we are take particular pride in doing so. Lifeline hip replacement surgeon in Ahmedabad where experienced surgeon see across the needs of the patient come together to form a cohesive unit for the best quality care.

Hip replacement center in Ahmedabad which gives some idea and details about the surgery in simply language and to know better.The Hip replacement is also called a hip arthroplasty is a surgical procedure that re-form the hip joint. The bone which is extends from the hip to knee is removed along with the surface layer of the socket in the pelvis. In this operation the surgeon replace the ball and socket with the metallic replacement and the cartilage with the artificial joint materials. And this all new parts will be attached this bone with the use of the bone cement. The hip replacement is done under the general anesthesia. And as the surgeon join the muscles and skin by using the sutures or staples.

As the after surgery you will have to stay in the bed to keep the hip joint in the alignment. Pain relievers and antibiotics may be given for two days. The hospital will provide you the physiotherapy treatment also. And for the some days you will be encouraged to walk with the help of the crutches or walker. You should take normal diet after the surgery and medication which is benefits in the term of reduction of the pain and thus improvement of sleep improve of physical capabilities and quality of life.

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