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The Lifeline multispecialty is expert in Gynecology and obstetrics in Ahmedabad. The obstetrics which deals with the high risk of the pregnancies. These both diseases which is highly seen in the women. At Lifeline multispecialty hospital have world class hospital for mother and child equipped with the latest technology and experience staff. We offer services of obstetrics and gynecology that deals with the care of women to menopause period also.

We have well trained obstetricians to look after the patients with high risk of pregnancies in conjunction with various medical specialties. Those with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood disorder,tumors, previous pregnancy looked after throughout the pregnancy. The gynecology and obstetrics which gives services like
• High risk pregnancy care
• Painless labor
• Normal deliveries forceps
• Oncology
• Test tube baby etc.

Gynecological procedure involve the reproductive tract in general which help in modify the part of it they are
• Hysterectomy: A procedure that involves the removal of the women womb this which is include in many ways like vaginally,abdominally, laparoscopic ally.
• Laparoscopy: It involves the treatment to use the camera and specialized instruments. Laparoscopy involves in the smaller and easier recovery and it is an open surgery

AS obstetrics most of care of low risk mothers and uncomplicated deliveries are performed. Now and days we see the 34% of the birth are taken under by and obstetrician usually more complex cases baby becomes distressed during the labor.

As the lifeline multispecialty hospital where the all gynecology procedure includes
• Carrying out surgical miscarriage
• Treatment abnormal bleeding
• Major surgery for gynecology cancer

Lifeline multispecialty hospital to provide the women with highest quality of gynecology and Obstetrics care with a friendly compassionate style for our patient’s health and well-being.

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